Health News

Exercise Just Takes a Few Minutes
Some say it's 30 minutes of exercise twice or thrice weekly to see benefits. Others say it's 20 minutes done more often. For cancer patients who may be short on time or lack the energy, just a few minutes a day can help.
Pediatricians Warn of Pesticide Exposure
Residues from pesticides are all around us: in the air, in our food, in dust, in soil. Whether used in farming or in homes, these chemicals can affect children exposed to them.
Vitamin D and Genes Play Nice Together
Vitamin D has been linked to many aspects of health, like bone health, heart health and memory.  So, researchers looked to see which genes affect the link between vitamin D and health.
How Can My DNA and Wine Battle Cancer?
Grapes and red wine are being studied all over the world for their health benefits. The link may come from red wine’s ability to boost an existing cancer fighting gene.
In Your Face Cancer! Healthy Holiday Foods
Holiday eating doesn’t have to be a diet-busting nutritional dread. Fruits and veggies can provide the most flavor and the best cancer-preventing nutrition money can buy.
Cheers Against Blood Cancers
You’ve probably heard that red wine is good for you. And maybe you’ve also heard that drinking can increase your risks of specific types of cancer. A recent review puts a checkmark in the “alcohol-healthy” column.
Exercise Energizes Cancer Patients
The cancer fight is tiring, both for the mind and the body. Despite the fatigue, patients with cancer can feel less tired with exercise.
Weighing the Cancer
The scale is only part of the picture. A person's body mass index, or BMI, is just one way of weighing someone. For certain cancers, one's BMI can give a clue of the person's odds of getting cancer.
A Scary New Sugar High
It’s not just how much you eat, it also may be what you eat that matters when it comes to living beyond cancer. A new study shows this very likely is true for colon cancer patients.
Endometrial Cancer Tied to Obesity
Scientists think the link between endometrial or uterine cancer and obesity may lie in insulin levels gone awry. Treating obesity and insulin resistance could help prevent this cancer.