Health News

Cancer Gene Dances With Coffee and Tea
Is anything safe? We’ve been told that grilled meats contain cancer-causing chemicals. So do some plastic food containers. Scientists have now found some flavorings may be harmful.
Confused About Cancer Nutrition Advice
Should a cancer patient lose weight, gain weight or maintain weight during treatment? What’s a healthy eating plan after treatment is over? This type of information isn’t easy to come by.
Heart Healthy and Cancer Free
Cancer doesn’t just show up on your doorstep one day. It takes years to develop. That’s why a healthy lifestyle – over time – makes such a difference.
Skip the Bacon and Sausage
Bacon is almost a staple in the American diet. But in Europe, consuming the juicy goodness along with other processed meats could lead to an early death.
Ladies, Go Light on the Dairy
Who doesn’t love a bowl of ice cream? Or cheese? What about a dollop of half and half to make that cup of coffee creamy and luscious? You may love these things, but your body might not.
Ovarian Cancer Isn't Sweet
Ovarian cancer has been linked to genetics, environment and hormones. But scientists still aren’t totally sure whether diet and sugar may play a role too.
Exercise Moot with Early Cancer
Exercise is useful in the fight against invasive cancer. But the effect exercise has on early forms of breast cancer might be different.
Whole Body Matters in Cervical Cancer
An increased risk for cervical cancer may be found in women who have a combination of other health concerns. Fortunately, a healthy diet and exercise can help.
The Obesity-Inactivity-Cancer Chain
The link between obesity and cancer is nothing new. Lack of regular exercise and cancer are also teammates. A new study has added some links to this chain of knowledge.
The Weighty Issue of Ovarian Cancer
Loads of health problems have been linked to obesity in recent medical studies. Fortunately, ovarian cancer and obesity don't necessarily go hand-in-hand.