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Obesity Advances Thyroid Cancer
The increase in thyroid cancer seen recently may be related to the obesity epidemic. This hasn't been clinically proven, but the trends are similar.
Run Forrest Run!
You remember the scene in "Forrest Gump" where his friend Jenny urges him to "Run Forrest run!" to get away from a pesky group of kids. He takes off, the braces that have been shackling him fly off. And he's free.
Linking Fat and Cancer
Changing characteristics of people in the last century in the western world have had some unlikely effects. Rising levels of gastric cancer, for example, caused one researcher to examine whether obesity could be the cause. A group from North Ireland's Queen's University Belfast published an overall analysis of obesity and digestive tract cancers, looking at cancers both in the stomach and throat. Ask your doctor about how to get started on long term, effective weight loss. Researchers concluded that absolutely obesity indicated higher chances of both forms of cancer, but surpris...
"A Little Dab'll Do Ya"
If you're old enough, you'll appreciate the tagline for Bryl-creem - "a little dab'll do ya " The concept is easy - just takes a little to look great. And this idea works with weight, too  - particularly for postmenopausal women. Take off a dab or two and you'll see and feel a difference.
Melanoma Risks Reduced Through Nutrition
Melanoma, one of the most common cancers affecting Americans, casts a shadow over people at risk for this disease. However researchers are finding new ways to lower melanoma rates. A recent cohort study examining the use of vitamin A supplements provided evidence that may help researchers find ways to reduce melanoma rates among high-risk populations Taking multivitamins containing Vitamin A might reduce risk of melanoma. The author of this study was Maryam Asgari , MD, a researcher with Kaiser Permanente, a non-profit managed care consortium headquartered in Oakland, Californi...
Red Flag Warning: Supplements for Cancer Prevention
Half of all Americans take at least one dietary supplement with the belief that it enhances health and may prevent disease. Yet when it comes to cancer prevention, high-dose supplements may cause more harm than good, according to a recent analysis.
Fattening up Liver Cancer Risks
Childhood obesity is now a global epidemic, and with it comes increased disease risks both in children and adults. Having an abundant body as a child is now linked even to cancer.
Esophageal Cancer is Allergic to Strawberries
Food as medicine is a concept that continues to evolve. We've learned how a number of foods, such as cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, kale, etc.) contain compounds that can help prevent and fight cancer.
Switch Red Meat for the Other Meats
Digging into that steak may leave you with more than a full tummy - red meat also appears to be associated with a higher risk of dying, from cancer, heart attack, stroke or in general.
Arsenic and Organic-Laced Foods
While organic brown rice syrup may sound like a healthier alternative to high fructose corn syrup, the "organic" sweetener could lead to more inorganic arsenic - a carcinogen - in your body.