Health News

Training and Eating to Fight Cancer
Eating well and exercising hard continues to pay off, even in fighting a disease as serious as liver cancer.
What Your Oncologist Won't Tell You
You know that exercise is good for you. This is true for just about any time in your life – some form of movement does a body good. Staying active is especially important during cancer treatment – but don’t wait for your doctor to tell you so.
Being Fat is No Way to Live
You've heard it a million times. Maybe you make a joke or say, “I really do need to lose some weight.” The fact is, fat isn’t good for you in any way - physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.
Police Stress is Unhealthy
Working as a police officer is stressful; so stressful, it turns out, that police officers may have a higher risk for a variety of physical and mental health problems.
Keeping Breast Cancer Risks on the Move
Exercise. Physical activity. Moving. Along with a clean and colorful diet, there's almost nothing better you can do for your body than move. The fact is we have to keep moving to keep moving, and here's another reason why.
Bread and Brain Cancer
One of the most important parts of medical science in pregnancy has been showing the effects of the maternal environment on the developing child. 
Healthy Grilling This Holiday
As you make plans for your Memorial Day barbecue, maybe you'll want to grill something other than the usual hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken and steaks. Instead, if you want to keep this a really healthy holiday, consider grilling some veggies.
Step Up One Step at a Time Breast Cancer Dancers
Nobody walks away from breast cancer scot-free. The best of treatments leave the ladies of breast cancer changed, sometimes for years. Research confirms that fitness levels matter. A lot.
Fat Mice, Liposuction, and Cancer
We tend to think of fat as surplus, storage for calories that we carry around until needed. As it turns out, some fat is quite productive, pumping out hormones or storing chemicals and vitamins.
Something Fishy About Colorectal Cancer
Eating more fish and less red meat is generally considered to be a healthy dietary change. And you've no doubt heard about taking your fish oil. Now there's another feather in the health hats of fish.