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Unclear if Multivitamins Prevent Cancer and Heart Disease
It’s estimated that about half of all adult Americans take some type of dietary supplement. As a nation, we spend nearly $12 billion each year on vitamin and mineral supplements. But do these supplements help prevent our most daunting diseases?
Ancient Moves for Prostate Cancer Patients
Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice that combines slow movement, controlled breathing and concentration. People of any age can practice Qigong. A small study recently looked to see if the practice could help with fatigue.
Men, Don’t Take Colorectal Cancer Sitting Down!
Along with a healthy diet, there’s almost nothing better than being physically active for achieving optimum health. This reality is well known. But what about sedentary behavior – you know, sitting around or being a “couch potato" for many hours of the day? Does that matter?
Walking Away From Cancer Rx Stiffness
After primary treatment, many breast cancer patients are given medicine to keep the disease from returning. Medicines called aromatase inhibitors block the production of estrogen, the hormone that feeds most breast cancers. Side effects of these medications can include joint pain and stiffness.
Liver Cancer Isn’t a Coffee Drinker
One of the world's most popular beverages — coffee — may be more than a great way to jump start the day. Mounting evidence suggests coffee beans are full of healthy compounds that may help ward off a number of diseases, including cancer.
Weighing In on Pancreatic Cancer Survival
The evidence is mounting that obesity plays a role in many chronic diseases, including cancer. In fact, some scientists suggest that obesity will become the leading preventable cause of cancer in the near future. But how does weight impact cancer survival?
Eating Plants to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk
Eating nutritious fruits and vegetables is an important part of keeping your body strong and healthy. A new study shows that a plant-based diet may also play a role in preventing cancer.
Weighing in on Teen Cancer Risks
Obesity in adults is linked to increased risks of esophageal cancer, a nasty disease that’s on the rise in the US, Europe and Israel. Researchers have now discovered that being overweight earlier in life may also influence cancer risks.
Multivitamins May Supplement Cancer Survival
About a third of Americans take a multivitamin with minerals — the most commonly used type of dietary supplement in the US. A new study looked at the impact of this use on breast cancer survival.
Nourishment for Bladder Cancer Surgery
Surgery can put the body under a great deal of stress. That’s why surgeons want their patients to be as healthy as possible before going under the knife. Recently, researchers found that being in good shape nutritionally is also important.