Health News

What Veggies Might Do for Your Cancer Risk
The wisdom of the common parental advice to eat your veggies doesn't just apply to children.
What Coffee May Do for Women's Cancer Risk
Coffee drinkers of the world — the female coffee drinkers, that is — your morning cup of joe might just have some unexpected health benefits.
Cancer Risk Knowledge May Miss the Mark
The beliefs many Americans hold about their cancer risk might be doing them a disservice.
Growing up Early with Sugar-Sweetened Drinks
Girls are becoming women at younger ages, and sugar-sweetened beverages might be playing a role.
Ovarian Problem May Have Other Health Effects
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and infertility have been well-known dance partners for many years. Now new evidence suggests that PCOS is also dancing with a lot of other chronic health issues.
More Coffee, Less Skin Cancer
Wear sunscreen, stay inside during the hottest parts of the day and ... refill your cup of coffee? Sure enough, that fourth cup of joe has been tied to lower rates of an aggressive type of skin cancer.
Stand up for Your Health
Office workers and couch potatoes alike may need to stand up for their health — literally.
Vitamin D May Vanquish Colon Cancer
Mom's advice to take your vitamins could be right on target. Vitamin D — the “sunshine vitamin” — might help prevent colon cancer.
Extra Weight Tied to 500k Cancer Cases Each Year
People who think the extra pounds they carry around can't hurt them may want to think again. Being overweight may raise the risk for cancer, a new study suggests.
Leading a Healthy Life Reduced Risk for Bowel Cancer
Medical procedures like colonoscopies and chemotherapy can be great screening tools and treatments for bowel cancer. But patients may be able to take measures at home to reduce their risk for this disease.