Health News

Fish and Exercise May Help Colon Cancer Patients
Plenty of research has tied lifestyle factors to risk for developing cancer. Could these factors also play into how cancer progresses once it has already developed? A new study suggests so.
Breast Cancer Death Risk May Be Higher for Some Obese Women
Shifting female hormones can affect wellness and disease alike. Breast cancer, a disease influenced by hormones, also may be affected by women’s body size.
Unhealthy Habits Among College Kids
College students don't always take care of their health needs, often taking part in behaviors that could put them at risk for cancer later on in life. However, not all students risk their health in the same ways.
Meeting UN Health Goals Could Save Millions of Lives
Some of the biggest killers worldwide are diseases that can largely be prevented: heart disease, chronic respiratory disease, cancers and diabetes. But it will require some effort.
Obesity No Obstacle for Breast Cancer Ultrasounds
A person's weight may influence how accurate various medical tests are. When the test is looking for whether breast cancer has spread, it's important to know if weight makes a difference.
Smoking Plus Drinking: A Cancerous Mix for the Esophagus
Drinking alcohol and smoking are often vices that go together. That combination of vices also may also except when discussing the risk for esophageal cancer.
Breast Cancer Patients May Benefit from Vitamin C
A diagnosis of breast cancer can bring new worries about survival. It’s possible that a common vitamin may help improve the outlook.
Lowering Risk of Death with Fruits and Vegetables
An apple a day keeps the doctor away... and, according to a recent study, six more servings of fruit and vegetables could help you live longer.
Obesity and Diabetes Could Affect Cancer Treatment
Diabetes and obesity are problematic on their own, but could they also affect how the body responds to treatments for other conditions, like cancer? New studies suggest this is the case.
Weight Loss Surgery Cut Female Cancer Risks
Obesity has been linked to a host of major diseases, including cancer. For some women, weight loss surgery may be a barrier against that cancer risk.