Health News

High Blood Glucose Levels Associated With Cancer
Having too much sugar in your blood, even if you are not diabetic, is considered unhealthy. And there may be an association between having high blood sugar levels and developing a serious health condition.
Extra Weight May Increase Risk for Certain Cancers
Many people want to slim down to cut their risks for heart disease and diabetes, but a new study suggests that being overweight may also affect cancer risk.
Healthy Choices Lowered Health Risks in Cancer Survivors
Childhood cancer survivors can be more susceptible to heart disease and other health problems as adults. But new research shows they can lower their risk through lifestyle choices.
Milk May Be Good for Colorectal Cancer Survivors
Dairy, calcium and vitamin D have been shown to help prevent colorectal cancer. But can they help people who’ve already had colorectal cancer?
Soy Not Protective Against Endometrial Cancer
Endometrial cancer is less common in Asian countries than in Western countries. A new study has found these lower rates don't seem to result from a specific food that Asian women eat.
Another Risk Factor for Pancreatic Cancer
Cigarette smoking and diabetes are associated with a higher risk of pancreatic cancer. Now another risk factor for this cancer has been confirmed.
Sitting Down Often Could Put You at Risk for Cancer
Spending a lot of time sitting down has been found to increase the risk of chronic disease and death. New research says that excess sitting time can be even more detrimental to a person's health.
Too Much Red Meat May Raise Breast Cancer Risk
Red meat seems to be a staple of the American diet. However, eating too much red meat has been linked to a variety of health problems that could affect unexpected parts of the body.
Many Breast Cancer Patients May Exercise Too Little
Exercise has been shown to help women diagnosed with breast cancer live longer and better lives. But are breast cancer patients actually getting the exercise they need?
Weight Surgery May Cut Cancer Risk
For the obese, weight loss surgery—which reduces the stomach to a small pouch—has been shown to improve patient health in many ways. The procedure may even help prevent cancer.