Health News

An Hour a Day to Keep Breast Cancer Away
Research has demonstrated that physical activity lowers the risk of breast cancer. What hasn’t been clear are the specifics – how long and how intense the exercise needs to be to cut risks. A new study drills down on how exercise can reduce a postmenopausal woman's chances of developing breast cancer.
Can Coffee Curb Illness?
People all around the world enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning to help kick start the day. But what other benefits might coffee have? A recent study provided insight into this question by examining the relationship between coffee consumption and various illnesses.
Prostate Cancer Isn't a Coffee Drinker
Coffee is among the most popular drinks on the planet. Besides the pep that the caffeine provides, a cup of joe just tastes good. Recent research suggests that this beloved beverage may also offer some health benefits for prostate cancer survivors.
Ladies, Wanna Cut Your Cancer Risks?
It’s now thought that a large proportion of cancers are associated with carrying too much weight. Nearly half of all cases of one type of female cancer are linked to obesity. Researchers have drilled down on weight and uterine cancer risks.
Fruits, Vegetables and Bladder Cancer
How many times have you heard, “Eat more fruits and vegetables”? Maybe your mother was the first one to give you this advice. But do fruits and vegetables make a difference in your cancer risk? Depends on who you ask.
Yoga Great for Great Sleep
What’s more delicious than restful sleep? And what’s more frustrating than not being able to fall asleep or waking up at 2 am? Cancer survivors are no strangers to troubled sleep. But now they may have a gentle way to get a great night's rest.
Another Reason to Eat Right
Dietary patterns may predict your risk of developing certain diseases, including cancer. However, the link between a healthy diet and pancreatic cancer risk has been unclear.
Breast Cancer Survivors Swelling
Women who’ve lived through breast cancer often experience lingering effects from treatment. One of those effects is arm swelling. Researchers recently defined how often this swelling occurs, which women are most at risk and what can be done to help prevent the condition.
Reviving Broccoli’s Cancer-Fighting Punch
It’s tough being a frozen vegetable. You’re picked, then scalded, then frozen so you can be stored for up to 18 months. What a way to go! All this strips the nutritional vigor of one of nature’s most powerful super heroes.
Is Bigger Better in Lung Cancer?
Though obesity can increase the risk of developing many diseases, the link between obesity and cancer outcomes is still not clear.