Health News

Gene Points to Donated Kidney Rejection
While kidney transplants can save lives, not every transplanted organ survives the test of time. Now, researchers have found a new sign that may help predict which donated kidneys will survive for the long haul.
Disability Quiz Spots Dialysis Death Risk
While dialysis can replace the work your kidneys used to do, it is far from a cure for kidney failure. In fact, many dialysis patients die before they can get a transplant.
Kidney Disease Changes Gut Flora
As many as 1,000 different species of bacteria live in your gut. These bacteria play a large role in fending off disease. Now, research suggests kidney disease can change the makeup of these bacteria.
Offbeat Rhythms in Dialysis
If your kidneys are not working properly, you may need to go on dialysis. Both poor kidney function and dialysis have been linked to an offbeat heart rhythm - a problem that seems to be strong in older dialysis patients.
No Kidney Failure From Diabetes Drug
While medications can help lower blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes, some drugs come with serious side effects. Before prescribing a drug, doctors should know the benefits and potential harm of the drug.
Got the Kidneys Under Control
The lives of patients with kidney problems oftentimes revolve around their treatments, especially for those having to travel to get the care they need.
Sitting Time Linked to Kidney Disease
Kidney disease is a growing health problem around the world. People's lifestyle habits - such as a lack of exercise and too much sitting - may play a role in this problem.
No Special Treatment Needed
Patients with a common kidney disease often need special treatment to protect against kidney failure and other complications. But new research suggests certain patients may do just fine without special treatment.
Heart and Diabetes Risks in Lupus
People with lupus are at risk of a variety of heart-related problems. So, researchers wanted to see what factors may lead to metabolic syndrome (a condition that boosts heart disease risk) in lupus patients.
Rising Infection in Women with Stones
In most cases, people pass kidney stones without any major problems. Still, some patients with kidney stones may face complications.