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ED Tied to Total Kidney Removal
Kidney removal is a serious surgery that comes with some long-term risks, including chronic kidney disease. Now researchers have found it may have an impact on men's sex lives.
Rising Rates of Kidney Treatment
In people with end-stage renal disease, the kidneys have completely or almost completely stopped working. Keeping these patients alive requires dialysis or a kidney transplant.
Homeless with Kidney Disease
Homeless people lack more than a roof over their heads; they also lack access to many of the basic healthcare services many of us take for granted.
Blood Problem Linked to Transplant Loss
Kidney transplants can save the lives of children with kidney failure. But not all children's bodies accept the new kidneys. After transplant surgery, the goal for doctors is to keep the new organ in good running order.
West Nile Virus Linked to Kidney Disease
Just one prick from a tiny mosquito can infect you with West Nile virus. This infection can cause fever, muscle pain, diarrhea and various other symptoms. Apparently, it may also damage your kidneys.
Improving Hearts Before Transplant
When patients are awaiting a life-saving kidney or liver transplant, their failing organs are not the only thing they need to worry about; many of these patients also have heart problems.
Omega-3 Oils Keep the Swelling Down
Inflammation occurs with many chronic and acute diseases. Fish oil, a source of omega-3 fatty acids, may help curb this painful symptom.
Surgery Cuts Kidney Disease in Diabetes
In many cases, type 2 diabetes can be prevented or reversed through a healthy diet and exercise. When lifestyle changes don't do the trick, obese patients can turn to weight loss surgery.
Hurting Kidneys in Major Surgeries
Surgery can be a lifesaving measure for patients suffering from a number of diseases. Sometimes, though, surgery can lead to serious complications, including kidney damage.
Kidneys Donations Vary by Community
The United States has a long history of racial inequality, unfortunately. While progress towards equality has undoubtedly been made, some racial gaps still exist, particularly when it comes to health care.