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Know Your Kidneys and Spread the Word
During National Kidney Month in March, The National Kidney Disease Education Program (NKDEP) seeks to raise awareness about kidney health.
Healthy Body Weight, Healthy Kidneys
Keeping a healthy body weight is important for the heart and joints. Losing weight may also be important for healthy kidneys.
Affymax, Takeda Recall of All Lots of Omontys Injection
Affymax, Inc. and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited today have decided to voluntarily recall all lots of OMONTYS® (peginesatide) Injection to the user level as a result of new post-marketing reports regarding serious hypersensitivity reactions, including anaphylaxis, which can be life threatening or fatal.
Catheters Can Be Killers for Kidney Patients
Kidney disease patients often require dialysis. If this procedure is done with a catheter, however, it may increase the risk of death and heart problems.
ED Rx Okay While Treating Kidney Failure
Men with end-stage renal disease can be successfully treated with dialysis and transplants. But their quality of life may be interrupted by erectile dysfunction (ED). 
Kidney Transplant: How Big Is Too Big?
Before kidney transplantation, heavier patients are often told to lose weight to reduce the risk of complications. However, it's still unclear if some obese patients are too heavy to get a kidney transplant at all.
Tolvaptan has Liver Injury Risk Says FDA
Otsuka and FDA notified healthcare professionals of significant liver injury associated with the use of Samsca.
The Pressure's On: Kidney Damage after Pregnancy
High blood pressure during pregnancy is a serious concern for mothers-to-be. In fact, a pregnant woman with blood pressure problems may even be faced with kidney disease after her baby is born.
Worsening CKD Tied to Mineral Levels
It's not always easy for doctors to spot which patients with chronic kidney disease are at risk for kidney failure. Now, researchers have found a new way to help in this effort.
Drawn Out Rx for Kidney Disease Kids
Steroids are often used to treat a type of kidney disease common in children. In many cases, this steroid treatment works well at first. However, continuing to use steroids may not be all that helpful.