Health News

Costly Care for Diabetes
Living with diabetes means more than changing your lifestyle. Diabetes can also be a huge drain on your pocketbook. Diabetes can become even more costly when it starts to affect the kidneys.
More Than Meets the Eye
Often, birth defects occur because of variations in children's genes. Researchers are learning that those genetic differences can also influence other disorders.
Kidney Injuries on the Rise
Kidney injury does not always require dialysis. But when injuries are severe enough, patients need dialysis to do the job of their kidneys. Now it appears these severe kidney injuries may be on the rise.
Tax Breaks Don't Boost Organ Donation
Organ transplants can save lives. Sadly, there are not enough organs to match the number of patients who need organs. Some US states have started giving tax breaks to living organ donors.
Kidney Disease Kids: Pointers for Parents
It's hard work being a parent. It's an even harder job to be a parent of a child with chronic kidney disease. You may feel lost, confused or distressed. But you don't have to feel this way.
The Quick Pace of Kidney Disease
Kidney disease affects people of all ethnicities. However, the disease may take its toll more quickly in patients of certain races.
Bringing Back Blood Flow in Kidney Failure
Blocked arteries are a serious problem for kidney failure patients on dialysis. While surgeries to fix blocked arteries can be dangerous for dialysis patients, one type of surgery may be the better option.
Kidney Disease: Warning Sign of its Own
Kidney disease patients have a higher risk of death and kidney failure than others. It was thought that adding high blood pressure or diabetes to the mix boosted these risks. But kidney disease alone may be enough.
Heavy Teens May Become Adults with ESRD
Whether you are old or young, being overweight or obese is not good for your health. If you are a teenager carrying too much extra weight, you may be in store for serious health problems as you grow older.
Can Kidney Problems Affect Memory?
Kidney disease can affect overall health. Poor kidney function may also affect memory and thinking skills.