Health News

Get Active for Improved Arthritis Symptoms
Improving arthritis symptoms may be as simple as getting some exercise.
A Step Forward for Parkinson’s Patients
Some of the many health benefits of exercise may also apply to patients with Parkinson's. Parkinson's patients who exercise may have improved balance and mobility.
How to Keep Your New Year's Resolution to Exercise
The start of the year is the perfect time to renew your gym membership and commit to making exercise a habit.
Home Workouts for the Holidays
With the new year just around the corner, it can be difficult to find time to hit the gym to burn off those holiday cookies. So why not skip the gym and work out at home?
Staying Fit to Stay Sharp
Memory and thinking tend to slow down in older adults, but those who stay physically active may keep their minds running smoothly.
Get Moving for Better Health
Keep on moving — or start, if you haven't already. Even a little exercise may keep your blood pressure and blood sugar at normal levels.
Experts Weigh in on How to Keep the Pounds Off
In weight loss, the real challenge may come not from shedding the pounds, but from keeping them off. New suggestions from a panel of experts could help people who have lost weight keep the pounds off.
Fitness Now for Good Blood Pressure Later
Being fit may make you look and feel great — and it could ward off future health risks like high blood pressure.
Gifts for a Healthy Holiday
The holidays don't have to be unhealthy. These guilt-free gift ideas can bring both health and cheer to your home for the holidays.
Yoga May Cut Heart Disease Risk
Want to reduce your heart disease risk? Some sun salutations or warrior poses might help.