Health News

Have Smartphone, Will Exercise
People looking to track their exercise likely don't want to count their steps in their head, and pedometers are just one more thing to remember. Enter the smartphone. Tons of people have them, and they may be able to accurately count steps.
Some Joggers May Want to Take It Easy
Many avid joggers feel guilty about taking days off from running. However, taking it easy may be healthier than going overboard.
Super Bowl Spectators: Don't Sit, Get Fit!
The Super Bowl is coming. That's at least a few hours of sitting — save for when you stand to cheer on your team — but you don't have to sit. Why not work out while you watch?
A Little Exercise May Be Better Than Nothing
January is the time for resolutions, and getting into shape is a good one for most people. You don't necessarily have to run a marathon, though — even a little exercise a day could help keep the doctor away.
Treating Women’s Pain: Rose Oil, Yoga and Music
Women, when it comes to pain, don’t just grin and bear it. Plenty of treatments have been shown to work.
When Diet and Exercise Aren't Enough
They may be key to weight loss and good health, but diet and exercise may sometimes need a little help from obesity medications and surgery.
Walking Groups: Easy Steps to Better Health
Exercise doesn't have to be complicated. Even simple walks with friends may improve your health.
What a Walk Might Do for Your Health
Couch potatoes, get up and move. Exercise — even a little bit — could help you live longer.
Wearable Health Devices Can’t Do It Alone
They might be stylish, cool and fun to use, but wearable health-tracking devices aren't likely to make much difference if wearers don't change their habits.
6 Ways to Save Your Heart Health
Pumping iron to stay strong may keep your heart pumping, too. Healthy lifestyle practices may prevent the majority of heart attacks in younger women.