Health News

Trouble Coping With Parental Addiction
Just being around parents with a substance addiction might leave a mark into adulthood. Even if the addiction cycle doesn’t repeat itself, depression may still be likely.
Surprise! You're Expecting a Baby
Sometimes a woman finds herself pregnant when she wasn't planning on it. Women with unintended pregnancies may benefit from support and being aware of postpartum depression risks.
Teens Always Nodding Off May Need Help
Teens falling asleep in class are a staple of stereotypical movie scenes about high school. But a teen who repeatedly falls asleep and experiences fatigue is no laughing matter.
No More Over Screening for Depression
It may seem counterintuitive, but screenings for depression in at-risk adults could harm more than help. Screening folks without risk or with obvious symptoms may be best.
Gut Biome Different After Depression
The human digestive tract may be vulnerable to a common infection after taking certain medications. But even depression itself may make the gut more susceptible to infection.
Depression and a Declining Mind
Healthcare providers have been searching for ways to reduce the risk for developing dementia. Treating depression may, in some way, help the mind stay sharp.
After Violence Comes Depression
Women experiencing intimate partner violence may be at risk for depression afterwards. Men aren’t exempt from this association either.
Depression Diagnosis Difficulty
Doctors may be overdiagnosing depression in some, but then underdiagnosing it in others. Misdiagnosis can lead to patients taking the wrong medications and not receiving the right treatments.
Cries from Baby, Tears from Mama
You are a new mom, and your baby cries… and cries… and cries. Nothing you do seems to help. At the very least though, you can watch out for yourself.
Boozing to Manage Mood
Using alcohol to cope with symptoms of a mental health issue can result in alcohol dependence. Short-term alcohol dependence can easily turn into long-term dependence.