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How Much Do Your Meds Affect Surgery?
Pre-operative appointments are a good time for patients to discuss with their doctors the risk factors for upcoming surgery. Often, the medications a person is taking can influence that risk.
Eating Away at Depression
Some people with depression aren’t interested in food, but there are others who eat too much. Emotional eating from depression can trigger serious weight gain resulting in obesity.
Teasing Out Depression Therapy Effects
Depression can be tricky to treat. Many options are available, but different individuals respond differently. Further, improvement in one area of life may not mean improvement in another.
Smoking is Bad for Bone Health
Osteoporosis is often regarded as a disease of old age. But the path to osteoporosis may start much earlier in life, especially for girls who smoke or show signs of depression.
Spray Away Dry Mouth
Dry mouth can go from uncomfortable to unbearable in a hurry. Certain medications can trigger dry mouth, but help may be found in the form of a plant-based spray.
Brush it Off Today for a Better Future
Daily stressors are often unavoidable, but how they are handled is up to each and every person. How a person manages stress today may play a role in how he or she feels down the road.
Understanding Postpartum Depression
You've just had a baby. It's the greatest moment of your life, and you love staring into his eyes, right? Or maybe you feel tired and worthless, can't stop crying and resent your child?
Need for Weed Takes Its Toll
People that are dependent on marijuana may be using it to cope with a mental health disorder. Masking mental illness with weed can turn into dependence.
Don't Go Breaking My Heart
Individuals with heart disease are already at a higher risk of death from their heart condition. But adding depression or anxiety – or both – to the mix can raise the stakes.
Should New Moms Take Anti-depressants?
Deciding whether to take medication while pregnant can be a tough decision. It becomes tougher when the risks and benefits are not always clear, such as with mental health medications.