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Arthritis and Depression: It's Not All In Your Head
Arthritis, which can lead to painful bones and joint damage, is a physical condition. However, according to recent research, it may also affect patients' mental health.
Soothing Cigarette Habit Hard to Break
Many smokers will say that their habit soothes them, even if they are trying to quit. Depression is one problem from which some smokers are seeking relief.
Irritability and Depression Could Mean Something More
Most people feel angry or irritable at times, but frequent and severe irritability in the setting of someone with depression could mean that person may have a harder road to travel.
Parents-as-Drill Sergeants Not the Best Choice
A fair amount of study has been spent on whether spanking children can cause them any long-term harm. But what about lots of yelling at children?
A Sip of Wine for Your Troubles
Enjoying a glass of wine with your dinner may be helping to protect your mental health.
Meds vs Therapy to Prevent Return of Depression
Prescription medication and cognitive therapy are common treatments for individuals battling depression. Both of these treatments aim to help a depressed person get rid of negative thoughts over the long haul.
Can You Prevent Depression Before It Arrives?
Mental health disorders can be challenging to treat in some patients. In a perfect world, a condition like depression could be prevented before it occurs. That may sometimes be possible for at-risk teens.
Don't Blame the Game
Video games often get a bad rep for causing all sorts of problems among youth. Violence in games especially concerns some people, but is the concern justified?
Depression Different for Men Than Women
Symptoms of depression may not be the same for both men and women. But these differences don’t mean that depression is more common for one gender over the other.
Taking Antidepressants When the Baby's Due
Women who have anxiety or depression have important decisions to make about their medications when they are pregnant. Though these medications may carry some risks, not taking them has risks too.