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Postpartum Depression in Women With PMS
Many women experience symptoms of depression after giving birth. Women that experience premenstrual syndrome (PMS) may have a higher risk for developing depression after delivery.
High Anxiety About Being Cancer-Free
The depression that may accompany a potentially life-threatening disease often disappears when a cancer patient's illness goes into remission. But, instead of being depressed, many long-term cancer survivors develop anxiety over whether the illness will return, a new study says.
College Health 101: Depression & Anxiety
College may be an emotionally exciting and challenging time for students. But if these challenges prove overwhelming, students should seek help for any mental health issues they experience.
Depression Likelier in Abused New Moms
Bringing home a new baby is stressful on its own. But throw in the anxiety of an abusive relationship and depression may follow.
More Than One Way To Treat Depression
There are a bunch of different types of therapies available to help people with depression. Some may help more than others, but any of the therapies tested in a new study may be better than none.
Closing in on Ketamine Therapy
Relief from symptoms of major depression can be hard to find. But doctors have been repurposing an anesthesia medication in experiments to find rapid relief for patients with major depression.
What's Keeping COPD Patients Down?
People with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) suffer from depression more often than others. As depression can worsen the health status of COPD patients, it's important to know which patients are most at risk.
Stroke Risk Doubles in Depressed Women
Maintaining good mental health has been shown to protect cardiovascular health. For middle-aged women, controlling depression may play a key role in preventing stroke.
Get Moving for the Fun of It
A bit of pick up basketball, a jog through the park, an half hour on the elliptical at the gym...physical activity throughout the week can add up. And it may be linked to mental health.
Head Injuries May Hike Military Suicides
Trying to remain mentally well is one of the most serious challenges facing military servicemen and women who are on the battlefront and veterans at home.