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Hearing Loss Can Lead to Dementia
Scientists have discussed various ideas concerning possible risk factors for developing Alzheimer's including low involvement in leisure activities and social interactions, sedentary lifestyle, diabetes mellitus and hypertension.
Aspirin Makes Common Antidepressants Less Effective
You regularly take aspirin or ibuprofen for everyday aches and pains, along with your anti-depressants. You also notice that you're still having symptoms of depression. It turns out the aspirin is interfering with your anti-depressants.
Early Alzheimer's Test Under Development
One of the heart breaking realities of Alzheimer's Disease is that it's often not diagnosed until memory loss is already apparent. A new test is in the process of being developed that could bring new hope and earlier treatment to sufferers.
New Alzheimer's Disease Criteria
For the first time in almost 30 years, the diagnostic criteria for Alzheimer's disease has changed. The original criteria for Alzheimer's disease only included the later stage of the disease, dementia, when symptoms are already present.
Escorts Role Narrowed in Alzheimer's Disease
Do high levels of plasma clusterin in a person free of Alzheimer's Disease indicate a risk of developing Alzheimer's disease?
Sing Your Way to a Better Memory
It's been established that diet and exercise may delay the impact of Alzheimer's disease on memory, but music? A new study suggests that singing can help with memory loss.
Amyloid Plaques Found in Non-Alzheimer Elders
Two brain-imaging techniques have been able to see brain deposits of amyloid beta, a precursor to developing amyloid plaques, in seemingly normal older individuals. The amyloid plaques are a hallmark to Alzheimer's disease. This brain-imaging technique could help identify patients for therapies to prevent the development of dementia.
Asthma's Double Duty Drug
Known to be effective in treating asthma, Zyflo (zileuton) may have a secondary use in treating Alzheimer's disease.  A recent study showed a 50 percent reduction in plaques in the brain.
What’s Missing Here?
The first signs of alzheimer’s disease may include missing keys and missing memories. What's also missing is a blood test to help identify Alzheimer's patients early. It appears this diagnostic blood test may not be missing much longer.
Holding on to Memory
The human brain loses a fair amount of weight over the course of a person's adult life. But the brain's ability to reorganize itself (called plasticity) makes up for lost cells and may help Alzheimer's patients.