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Can Alzheimer's Disease Be Prevented?
Alzheimer's disease will affect more and more people as the population ages. This disorder slowly robs the old and the not-so-old of their wits and memories, and there is no cure. Evidence has accumulated that some people inherit genes that increase their risk for the condition. A project is underway to stop the dementia before it starts, by giving drugs to those with genes that are a risk factor for Alzheimer's. Despite decades of efforts, there is not a clear understanding of the neurological cause of Alzheimer’s. After many millions of dollars spent, countless studies and t...
Are Dementia Medications Safe for the Heart?
Medications for treating Alzheimer’s disease (AD) have been suspected to influence heart function. New research finds that heart function was not affected over four weeks of treatment.
Cognitive Benefits of Omega-3 Questioned
Omega-3 fatty acids are reported to protect brain cells during aging thereby protecting cognitive function. But a recent systematic review of the evidence calls into question these proposed cognitive benefits.
Immune System DNA Linked to Memory
For the first time in humans, researchers have shown that there is a link between the immune system and age-related memory decline.
Striking Alzheimer's Out
One of the world's most destructive fatal diseases is one step closer to a possible vaccine following a second trial of a vaccine for Alzheimer's disease.
Brain’s Protective Cells May Also Do Harm
Astrocytes are supporting cells that are protective and do housekeeping for neurons in the brain.  Beta amyloid build up in Alzheimer’s disease (AD) may cause the astrocytes to defend themselves.
Early Signs of Alzheimer’s
New technologies and guidelines may help scientists better understand the Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) brain before symptoms appear, which may lead to earlier detection in future generations.
Dodging Dementia
With an aging population and dementia rates expected to triple by 2050, the decline of cognitive ability with age is affecting more and more people. This estimate, as reported by Alzheimer’s Disease International and the World Health Organization highlights the need for the public to get educated about the disease - and how to prevent it. While more research is needed to determine conclusively the causes of dementia, taking steps now could help your odds against the disease and, at the very least, increase your overall well-being. The Big Three: Physical Risk Factors You Can Choo...
Alzheimer’s Gene Linked to Blood Flow
A gene, termed ApoE4 , has been linked to Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). New research begins to uncover why this gene may put people at a higher risk.
Depression may Increase Risk of Dementia
Depression is fairly common in older adults, and older adults with dementia may also suffer from depression. There may be a link between depression and risk of developing dementia.