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Kids who Hurt Themselves
Deliberate self-harm is one of the most common reasons for an emergency room visit by young people in the U.S. Add to that sad fact, most of them are discharged without ever having a mental health assessment.
Depression Drugs and Suicide
For the last few years, a possible link between suicide and antidepressant drugs in young people has been debated in the medical community.
Bad Behavior Linked to Suicidal Thoughts
When problem behavior starts showing up early in children, parents and other caregivers should recognize and address it. Kids who show early signs of aggressive or impulsive behavior, sleep problems and depression are more likely to have thoughts of harming themselves.
More than the Baby Blues
Only a small percentage of women who take their own lives are pregnant or have recently become mothers, but one in five to ten pregnant and postpartum women have depressive disorders.
Conscious Children Say "No"
Raising children in a modern environment filled with temptations is not easy. Fortunately, doctors specializing in adolescent behavior continue to research novel treatment to aid parents with their mental health dilemmas.
Aggressive Children
Within the United States we are used to hearing claims that the media and video games pollute our minds. It seems parents around the world share the same concerns. 
Studying a History in Harm
Self-injury is a cause of concern or fear among many people, especially family members, loved ones, and others who care for victims of self-injury. Doctors are aiming to alleviate those fears by assessing the history of this affliction from child to adulthood.
Using a Parent's Mental Health to Predict Suicide
Mental health disorders have become increasingly prevalent in our society, and suicide remains as a tragic end result of some untreated mental illnesses.  Researchers discovered an interesting connection between the two, its conclusions opening the doors for prevention.  
Rating Scale May Save Lives
Eerily similar to the concept of CBS' hit series Person of Interest , where an ex-CIA agent uses science to identify crimes before they happen, a new study suggests the use of science and psychiatry to identify one particular self-inflicted crime.
Suicidal Teens Not Getting Enough Help
The teenage years are rarely easy for anyone, but for many it can be a time of severe depression or anxiety, even leading to suicidal thoughts.