Health News

Run for Your Life
It's difficult to list all the ways daily physical activity can improve your health. Having a good level of fitness can even relate to the quality of your mental health.
A Little Love Goes a Long Way
Much research about bullying focuses on how bad it is or what causes it to happen. But it's just as important to know what helps those involved in bullying, for both victims and bullies alike.
Thinking of Suicide After Being Bullied
Bullying in schools has gained a lot of media attention due to the high number of teenage suicides in recent years. Many of these suicide victims were lesbian or gay victims of bullying.
Unsafe Coping After Being Bullied
Teens may turn to drinking, drugs or lash out after being bullied. Healthy coping techniques may help reduce this type of high-risk behavior in these teens.
Trouble Coping with Pain
Past research has shown the risk for suicide to be higher in people with mental health disorders. Now, it seems the risk for suicide may be found in people with long-term pain as well.
More Than the Mind in Mental Health Care
It's known that people diagnosed with psychiatric disorders also struggle with physical illness. Such physical illness may be leading to deaths that could be avoided.
When Romeo and Juliet Are Real Life
Few events are more tragic for a school to manage than a student's suicide. Talking to students about the death appropriately, however, might prevent additional suicides at the school.
Head Injuries May Hike Military Suicides
Trying to remain mentally well is one of the most serious challenges facing military servicemen and women who are on the battlefront and veterans at home.
Troubles Getting Mid-Lifers Down
Baby boomer suicide rates have been on the rise. In light of that information, the CDC is calling for greater community support and access to mental health services to reduce rates in the future.
The Search for a Suicide Cure Continues
New strategies to prevent suicide in the United States are needed. Teenagers are a particularly tough age group to reach. Researchers continue to strive for solutions.