Health News

Painful Childhoods May Prompt Some to Enlist
For kids who grow up in hostile homes, adverse experiences are common. And for some people, joining the armed forces may be an attempt to leave a negative home life behind.
Socialization Decreased Risk of Suicide
Human contact can be a buffer against the dangers of becoming isolated and losing the will to live. Such engagement may be especially meaningful for men, a group for whom suicide is a leading cause of death.
Substance Abuse at School May Mean Other Problems
Although it's no secret that teens may experiment with alcohol or marijuana, more than 5 percent of them smoke pot or drink alcohol on school campuses.
Bullying Victims Likely to Think About Suicide
Between 5 and 20 percent of youths around the world are victims of bullying. Without help, these young people may start thinking about harming themselves.
Physicians Can Play Greater Role in Suicide Prevention
Primary care doctors treat all sorts of physical problems, but they also have an opportunity to address mental health issues like depression. Unfortunately, mental health might not come up in many doctors' offices.
When It's More Than a Migraine…
Suffering from migraines can significantly impact an individual's quality of life. It's not hard to imagine that migraine sufferers may be at risk for depression as well.
Another Risk Factor for Teen Suicide
There is no research showing that it's possible to successfully "prevent" suicides. But, it is possible to know risk factors so that people can get help, potentially reducing the chance they will attempt suicide.
Suicide Prevention — Everyone's Business
Suicide is not an easy topic to bring up. It can be such a difficult subject that people who are concerned about a loved one's risk for suicide often don't know where to begin.
Tackling a Global Suicide Stigma
Suicide is not a simple issue. Not only is it devastating for those directly involved, but often our societies aren't set up to effectively manage the issue and help prevent it in the future.
Minding the Minds of the Military
Many military personnel face extraordinary levels of on-the-job stress. While some have linked those stresses to suicide, a new study contends that treatable mental illness is more to blame for such deaths than military service itself.