Health News

Droughts May Increase Suicide Risk
The recent droughts across the U.S. have meant big losses in crops for many farmers. Less visible, however, is the possible strain on these farmers' mental health.
Reducing Depression in Elderly Patients
Should doctors be trained in ways to help prevent depression and self-harm in at-risk patients? A new trial tried just that and discovered benefits from those preventative efforts.
Antipsychotics and Suicidal Behavior
Bipolar disorder is sometimes treated with antipsychotic medications. First and second generation antipsychotics have different side effects, but do they have the same suicide risk?
Depression is Risky?
Most children with bipolar disorder will not attempt suicide, but the ones who do have a few things in common. Noticing these common risk factors can help prevent suicide attempts.
What Cat Litter & Suicide Have in Common
Among the various things pregnant women generally should avoid is changing kitty litter, which may seem oddly random in a list with alcohol, undercooked meat, soft cheeses and smoking.
Preventing Teen Suicide
New resources are available for suicide prevention to help adults identify at-risk  teens. Support and prevention efforts are more accessible than ever before.
The Choking Game
Reports from the US and Canada show that adolescents are experimenting with the ‘choking game’. Creating awareness of brain damage and accidental death may curb an adolescent's interest.
Guns are Risky Around Kids
Talking to parents about their children's risk of suicide can be as difficult as identifying a suicidal teen. A culture of familiarity with guns can complicate the discussion.
Self-Starvation May Predict Suicide Attempt
People who starve themselves due to an imagined body flaw are likely to view suicide as less painful than the pain they already experience.
Self-Medicating College Students
College is a tough time of transitions and self-exploration for many students. But students feeling depressed may be self-medicating instead of seeking the help they need.