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Allergy 2.0
People with allergies know that staying informed about pollen levels can help them avoid unwanted symptoms. New social media technologies are making it easier to stay informed.
Dairy Allergy Linked to Congestion
Food allergies can show up in many ways. For young children, a dairy allergy may show up as congestion in the ear, nose or throat.
High Pollen Count Linked to ER visits
If your asthma or your allergies are making you extra miserable on days with high pollen counts, you have company. These are also top days for emergency room visits.
Puzzling Together Allergic Reactions
For all the modern marvels of medical science, humans still must contend with allergies, which interrupt work, play and everyday living.
Allergies May Keep Brain Cancer at Bay
Allergies are such a hassle, what with the runny, itchy eyes, nasal stuff and sneezing. Despite the nuisance of this condition, it may have an important cancer benefit.
Are Opioid Side Effects Inherited?
Painkillers are used to manage pain all the time, yet a lot of people have serious side effects. If opiate side effects are genetic, a test could help to determine who is at risk for an adverse reaction.
What’s in That Cookie?
Awareness of children’s food allergies has increased dramatically over the past few years. New research suggests that there is even more need for caregiver education about food allergies in children.
Does Pollen Make Bipolar Depression Worse?
Do allergic reactions affect bipolar depression? Could an immune reaction to pollen compromise one's mental health?
Country Kids, City Kids and Food Allergies
If you move from the city to the country, your child may have fewer classmates with peanut allergies. But if you do the reverse, chances are more classmates will have food allergies.
“Bee” Careful if You’re Allergic to Pollen
Pollen allergies cause many to sniffle away the fine summer weather. They may also foretell bad reactions to bee pollen supplement.