Health News

Country Kids, City Kids and Food Allergies
If you move from the city to the country, your child may have fewer classmates with peanut allergies. But if you do the reverse, chances are more classmates will have food allergies.
“Bee” Careful if You’re Allergic to Pollen
Pollen allergies cause many to sniffle away the fine summer weather. They may also foretell bad reactions to bee pollen supplement.
Air Pollution and Asthma Don't Mix
Pregnant moms, listen up: Stay away from areas with high air pollution. It can hurt your growing baby, especially if your child develops asthma.
Battle of the Bug Bites
As you're enjoying Memorial Day meals this weekend, don't be surprised to see six-legged friends scavenging for meals. Hopefully, they'll go after your food crumbs and not your blood.
Air Pollution Linked to Heart Disease
Scientists hoped to examine how brief air pollution reductions would affect the heart. Using an interesting location -- the 2008 Beijing Olympics -- they found that even short-term drops in pollution exposure improve cardiovascular health.
Pollen Counts Soaring in Europe
Allergy sufferers in America should dry their tears as they are not alone. Pollen counts are rising in Europe and in America there has been an early start to the allergy season.
Go Ahead - Make a Mud Pie, Kiddo!
The joke is that experienced parents don't clean off a pacifier after it falls on the floor. A few extra germs just build the immune system, right? Well, they may be on to something.
Knoxville is Allergy Capital of America
A report by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America ( AAFA ) has identified the “100 most challenging places to live with allergies". Turns out, Knoxville is the allergy capital of America.
Allergen Extracts Have High Safety Standards
You may think of extracts as cooking ingredients but many extracts are used for medical purposes. A new study shows that many non-standardized allergen extracts are safe for diagnosis and treatment.
Allergies or a Cold?
Is your child's sneezing part of a cold or just seasonal allergies? Researchers have a few tips on how to distinguish a child's cold or allergy symptoms.