Health News

Experts Sour on Milk Protein Test
There's no use in crying over spilled milk but parents should be concerned about milk residue. A test used by the industry to check for milk residue in processed food may not be as effective as previously thought.
Allergic Reactions get Regulated
A tiny molecule goes a long way to regulating allergic disease reaction. A new study shows how a particular microRNA could be the target of future allergic disease treatments.
FDA Approves New Hay Fever Nasal Spray
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new nasal spray to treat hay fever. The new spray is eco-friendly and could be an alternative to currently available hay fever treatments.
New Test for Peanut Allergies
Need to take an oral food challenge to determine a peanut allergy? That's nuts. A new study has identified a new target to test for peanut allergies.
Do you Know Your Nuts?
Think you know your nuts? Think again. Many people with nut allergies were not able to tell the difference between a tree nut and a peanut.
Not All Blood Tests are the Same
Individuals should be weary about blood tests for food allergies. A new study highlights the possible confusion and ineffectiveness of relying on a blood test for food allergies or food sensitivity.
Climate Change Heating Up Respiratory Diseases
Mild winters and warmer weather year round may have some negative side effects. A new position paper believes that climate change will be responsible for even more respiratory disease cases.
Nursing Moms Should not Avoid Cow's Milk
Nursing moms who avoid milk in hopes of reducing their babies’ risk for food allergies should think twice: A new study finds that it may increase your baby’s risk for food allergies.
Vitamin D May Help Hay Fever Sufferers
Hay fever is a common symptom for allergy sufferers that may require steroid treatments. Adding Vitamin D may improve steroidal hay fever treatment.
Hard to Swallow Food Allergy Gets Identified
Food allergies can limit what you eat and can be quite painful. A new study has identified a way to help diagnose and treat a painful food allergy that affects the esophagus.