Allergy 2.0

Allergy tech tools help sufferers plan ahead and stay informed

(RxWiki News) People with allergies know that staying informed about pollen levels can help them avoid unwanted symptoms. New social media technologies are making it easier to stay informed. is a new website that publishes allergy forecasts for many different types of allergens. They also have a smartphone app to keep you informed on the go.

Even Ford Sync, a feature from Ford Motors, now let's your car announce the allergy updates.

"Have a smartphone? Check out mobile health apps!" gives a forecast and current conditions for many different pollens and allergens. The site also gives information about the UV index and risk of asthma irritation.

To help travelers, the site has a function that gives a comparison of two different locations. Enter the zip code of the two places, and see the overall seasonal pollen counts for each area.

Comparison info can help travelers plan ahead for a possible change in allergy symptoms.

When away from the computer, a free app for iPhone and iPad, called Allergy Alert, gives summary information from the website. The Allergy Alerts app works much like a weather app.

The app allows users to access current conditions at any location. The app also gives forecasts for pollens, asthma index and UV levels.

As reported by Wired in August, Ford announced that its Sync program can now interact with the Allergy Alert app. Ford Sync allows drivers can use voice commands to make calls or change the radio.

The Allergy Alert app can now work with cars that have Ford Sync. Drivers can hear current allergy conditions and ask for pollen and health ratings while driving.

The app working with Ford Sync can use GPS to give pollen information at your current location. Voice commands can be used to access info for up to three stored zip codes as well.

Whether at home, traveling or in the car, these tools give allergy sufferers access to current conditions. These tools may be helpful in planning for travel and outdoor activities.

However, the app and its use while driving are only available to people with an iOS device and who drive a car with Ford Sync.

Other smartphone devices and car makers will need to be included to make these tools more widely available. 

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August 16, 2012