Health News

Specialists Specialize in Cancer Treatments
Taking a crashed computer into a TV repair shop doesn’t make any sense. Neither does going to a doctor that doesn’t specialize in gynecologic cancer with a case of ovarian cancer.
Targeting Chemo Kills Ovarian Cancer
In certain ovarian cancer cases, chemotherapy may be injected directly into abdominal area. Concentrating chemotherapy to the cancer site has its risks and rewards.
Another Cancer Linked to Night Shift Work
The body has a built-in time clock. When that clock is disrupted, problems can eventually arise. Working nights messes with the body’s clock and some women could be paying the price.
Ovarian Cancer Isn't Sweet
Ovarian cancer has been linked to genetics, environment and hormones. But scientists still aren’t totally sure whether diet and sugar may play a role too.
The Subtle Signs of Ovarian Cancer
There is so much going on in a woman’s body, it‘s easy to overlook symptoms that are just annoying. Maybe you feel full early on as you’re eating a meal. Or you notice that you’re bloated. Then, for no particular reason, your jeans are tighter than usual.
Genes Can’t Always Predict the Future
Women with ovarian cancer can have their genes tested for mutations that trigger cancer growth. But certain gene mutations don’t necessarily help or hurt a patient’s chances.
The Weighty Issue of Ovarian Cancer
Loads of health problems have been linked to obesity in recent medical studies. Fortunately, ovarian cancer and obesity don't necessarily go hand-in-hand.
Trial Success With Ovarian Cancer Med
When chemotherapy doesn’t work, the future can look pretty bleak. But new medications to combat gene mutations that cause cancer can offer hope to patients.
Preventing Blood Clots Better Than Not
Who wants to be given a shot every single day for a month after surgery just to prevent the chance of developing a blood clot? People who really don’t want to get blood clots—that’s who.
New Strategies for Fighting Chemo Resistance
What if the odds of beating ovarian cancer could be improved by tinkering with existing chemotherapies? Tweaking chemo regimens may help patients who become resistant to initial therapies.