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The Genetics of Menopause
Women who have mutations in the BRCA genes are at higher risk of breast and ovarian cancer. Research has suggested that women with these altered genes may also have problems conceiving children and that they go through menopause earlier than women without the defective genes.
The Pill and Cancer Risks
Women who carry mutations in the BRCA genes have higher risks for both breast and ovarian cancer. One way to reduce these risks is to have both their ovaries and breasts surgically removed. A new analysis looked at another possible way — birth control pills.
Double-Pronged Attack on Ovarian Cancer
Sometimes cancer needs more than one kind of treatment to shrink or disappear. That’s why treatment often includes a mixture of surgery, radiation and/or chemotherapy. In a recent study, ovarian cancer responded to a double-pronged attack.
What You Need to Know Before Ovarian Surgery
About one out of 70 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer in their lifetime. Surgically removing the ovaries is one way to prevent this cancer.
Telling Your Kids About Your Cancer Risk
Let's say breast cancer runs in your family. So you decide to have genetic testing to learn your risks. The results of your test will affect your children. Would you tell your children the results or not? 
Controlling Advanced Ovarian Cancer
If cancer returns, treatment is often to try and stall its growth. Ovarian cancer is a tough foe, but a new trial has found one medication that may help control the disease.
Other Cancers After Breast Cancer?
Even after a cancer is successfully treated, there's still a risk that another cancer may show up at some point down the line. A recent Spanish study looked at the risk of second cancers in breast cancer survivors.
What to Know About Angelina's Decision
Mega-star Angelina Jolie announced in a New York Times op-ed that she had both breasts removed. She does not have breast cancer. Ms. Jolie has done this to reduce her risks of developing both breast and ovarian cancer.
Maybe the Ovaries Should Stay
When cancer isn’t involved, women may want to hang on to their ovaries for other health reasons. Depending on the case, removal of the uterus may not have to include the ovaries too.
Robotic Surgery: Separating Reality from Hype
Robotic surgery sounds so high tech. But are these surgeries better than conventional methods? What should a woman know about robotic surgery if she's having a hysterectomy?