Health News

Inhaling Kidney Cancer Risks
Lung cancer. Cardiovascular disease. Oral cancer. These are just a few of the accelerated risks smokers live with and could - well you know. Another form of cancer has been added to the list.
Kidney Failure's Bleeding Risk
Kidney disease puts people at risk for a number of related health complications. As their kidneys start to fail, some patients may even bleed from their stomach or intestines, a problem that may need more attention.
A Decade Ahead of Kidney Damage
Unfortunately, a good deal of diabetes patients will suffer from kidney disease. While kidney damage may be one of the more deadly complications of diabetes, it is also preventable - especially if it is spotted early.
Less is More When Getting Rid of Bacteria
People with bacteria in their urine may go on to develop an infection that needs drug treatment. Other people with the same bacteria will never become infected. Yet some doctors still treat these patients as if they were sick.
Speedy Test May Save Lives
The standard lab test to spot acute kidney injury can take days. A new biomarker test provides diagnosis in only a half hour--a turnaround time that may help save lives.
Pregnancy after Kidney Transplant
Women with kidney disease or kidney failure often face fertility problems. If she is lucky enough to get a kidney transplant, a woman may improve her reproductive health. But is it still safe for her to get pregnant?
An Early stART to Treatment for HIV
Antiretroviral therapy (ART) is credited with lengthening the lives of people with HIV and decreasing the number of new infections. But when should patients start the treatment?
Cranberry Juice Helps Treat Kids' UTIs
A urinary tract infection ( UTI ) can be painful and annoying, especially for children. Here’s a tip: You may be able to treat repeat UTIs  more quickly by giving your child a glass of cranberry juice a day, reports a recent study.
Dialysis and Death for Native Americans
A variety of factors - such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and ethnicity - can affect a person's risk of death from kidney failure. For Native Americans, geography may play a role in kidney failure risk.
Blood Pressure Drugs Better at Bedtime
Because high blood pressure can damage the kidneys, many patients with chronic kidney disease take drugs to lower their blood pressure. These patients might find it more beneficial to take their drugs before bed.