Know Your Kidneys and Spread the Word

National Kidney Month aims to help people learn about kidney health

(RxWiki News) During National Kidney Month in March, The National Kidney Disease Education Program (NKDEP) seeks to raise awareness about kidney health.

As part of their awareness campaign, the NKDEP asked people to check their medicines for any possible risks of kidney damage. They also suggested that people with high blood pressure and diabetes have regular tests to make sure their kidneys are healthy.

People should be aware of the risks of kidney disease and spread the word to friends, community and family.

"Ask a doctor about protecting your kidney health."

The NKDEP website provides tips to assist in raising awareness about kidney health. Through the month of March and beyond, people can spread information to help prevent loved ones from getting kidney disease.

The NKDEP recommends that patients check their current prescriptions to see if their meds have a risk for causing kidney disease. People should also discuss with their doctor if any current health conditions pose a risk for future kidney disease.

Checking medicines is important because some medicines can be hard on the kidneys and cause damage over time. In certain cases, medicines taken concurrently can interact with each other to speed up kidney damage.

Even some common over-the-counter medications can be risky for certain people. Talking to a doctor or pharmacist about possible risks can help to ensure that people’s kidneys are protected from damage caused by medicines.

Certain health conditions also raise the risk of kidney disease. People who have diabetes, cardiovascular disease or a family history of kidney disease are at greater risk for kidney damage. People with these risk factors should have blood and urine tests for kidney function.

Sharing information about the risks for kidney damage using emails and phone calls can encourage others to start talking to a doctor about their kidney health.

For people who want to stay involved in spreading awareness, the NKDEP publishes a monthly newsletter called Make the Kidney Connection News, which provides tips for keeping kidneys healthy.

The Make the Kidney Connection Facebook page is another tool to help spread awareness.

For people who would like to plan events during National Kidney Month, the NKDEP offers tools for spreading awareness. On their website, they have a family reunion guide for spreading kidney health awareness at family gatherings during this national awareness month.

The Kidney Sundays Toolkit available on the web offers information for organizing awareness functions at your faith-based organization during the month.

National Kidney Month continues through the month of March. World Kidney Day is on March 14.

Review Date: 
March 6, 2013