Health News

Working Long Hours May Increase Heart Disease Risk
Working very long work hours can cause family problems and dissatisfaction with your job, but new research suggests it may also hurt your heart.
Back-to-School Health
Parents around the country are gearing up to take their kids back to school for a new year. Make sure they're healthy when the learning begins.
Common Meds May Impair Thinking, Movement
Elderly people often take several medicines, including over-the-counter ones for pain or sleep. But they may not realize the medicines they are taking, such as anti-cholinergics, can cause other issues, including confusion or difficulty getting dressed.
Healthy Living Counteracted Genetic Aging From Stress
Many people coping with stressful life situations like the loss of a loved one can forget to take care of themselves. But healthy eating, regular exercise and a good night’s sleep may be key to offsetting the physical toll stress can take.
Summer Survival Guide for Healthy Families
Summer is here! Stay on top of your summer safety to ensure that your family has the happiest and healthiest summer yet.
Surprising Ways Your Family Affects Your Health
The World Health Organization named the family as the most important aspect of promoting a healthy lifestyle. Read on to find how your dad, mom, grandparents and siblings all affect your mental and physical well-being.
Germiest Places You Forget to Clean
Many people forget to clean a few crucial spots in the home. Is your home as clean as you think it is? 
Donate a Bit of Health Today
Most people have had some kind of ailment at one point or another, but many people are also fortunate not to experience severe health problems. These healthy individuals can often do something for those who are less fortunate — donate "health."
Stroke Prevention Should Start Early in Life for Women
Stroke usually affects people later in life. However, new research suggests that it's not just older adults who should be careful.
Tonsillectomy Troubles: Coal Stoves and Secondhand Smoke
In many places around the world, people use coal-burning stoves to cook and stay warm. These stoves release a gas, also found in tobacco smoke, that might lead to issues after kids get their tonsils removed.