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Mindful Eating for Diabetes
Eating healthy to lose weight is a key part of controlling diabetes. But getting patients to eat healthy is not always easy. Two different programs may be equally helpful in getting patients to change their eating habits.
Lost With Newly Diagnosed Diabetes
If you are diagnosed with diabetes, you should make many changes to your lifestyle. Unfortunately, patients who are newly diagnosed with diabetes may not be getting the information they need to make these changes.
Weight Loss Didn't Cut Diabetic Heart Risk
Losing weight has been shown to reduce the risk of heart problems and other complications of diabetes. However, one weight loss program did not seem to protect diabetes patients from heart-related risks.
Stop Diabetes, Eat Healthy After Pregnancy
Eating a healthy diet is a major part of any pregnancy. If you develop diabetes during pregnancy, diet becomes even more important. Now, it seems the importance of a healthy diet doesn't go away once the baby is born.
Predicting Diabetes Control After Surgery
Study after study has shown that weight loss surgery can reverse diabetes in many patients. However, it is still not entirely clear which patients will benefit the most.
Metabolic Risks Linked to Knee Arthritis
Metabolic syndrome is the name for a group of factors that boost the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Now, it seems metabolic syndrome may also be linked to the "wear-and-tear" of arthritis.
Why Some Races Face Diabetes
There are a number of factors that can boost your risk of diabetes, including ethnicity. However, researchers are still unsure why certain ethnicities have a higher diabetes risk than others.
More Playtime, Less Diabetes
Whether you are an adult or a child, exercise is good for you. Researchers already know that exercise can lower the risk of diabetes in children. But how much exercise is the best protection against diabetes?
Surgical Weight Loss May Stop Diabetes
If obesity is one of the main causes of diabetes worldwide, then helping people lose weight may lower rates of diabetes. But it can be hard to shed weight by changing lifestyle habits alone.
Diabetes Is Where the Fat Is
For the most part, the more fat you carry, the higher your risk of type 2 diabetes. But how much fat you have may not be the only factor that boosts your risk of diabetes. Where that fat is located may also play a role.