Health News

A Dash of Cinnamon for Diabetes
Proper nutrition is essential for effectively managing your diabetes, and by adding a certain spice to your diet, you may be helping to do just that.
Staying Fit to Fend off Illness
The risk for various health problems increases with age. But there are steps people can take to help minimize these risks, and exercise seems to be one of those steps.
An Apple a Day Keeps the Diabetes Away?
Should the saying really be, "An apple a day keeps diabetes away?" A new study hints that maybe so.
Climbing Incomes May Raise Diabetes Rate
Southerners have a higher rate of diabetes than people in the North or West. Income growth may have played a role, as people consumed more processed foods and became less active.
Drop the Weight and the Diabetes Risk
People with prediabetes have high blood sugar levels, but not high enough to be called diabetes. Although they're heading in the direction of developing diabetes, they can turn things around by dropping some pounds.
Diet, Exercise and Matters of the Heart
Diabetes patients who are overweight or obese are often advised to lose weight. Doing so may not only help them control diabetes, but can also protect the heart. But is that protection long-lasting?
When Workouts Can't Burn the Sugar
Exercise has been known to help prevent type 2 diabetes. But certain patients with the condition might not get the same results as others.
For Diabetes, Some Need More Exercise
To stay fit, people are encouraged to work out at a moderate intensity level several times a week. Even with the same duration of exercise, some might not benefit from this regimen.
The Depression Isn't All in Your Head
Depression is thought of as a mental disorder, but it can affect the rest of the body too. Having symptoms of depression may be linked to risks for other diseases.
Weighing in on Weight Surgery
For obese patients with diabetes, surgery that promotes weight loss may improve blood glucose levels, blood pressure and cholesterol, but the long-term results are debatable.