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Kids with Diabetes Need More Activity
Being overweight is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes, which has been increasing in children and teens. But those already with diabetes still aren't active enough.
Teenage Waistband: Diabetes Rx May Fight Fat
Teen obesity is a growing health problem. The percentage of US adolescents who are overweight has more than tripled over the last 20 years. One diabetes Rx may help teens lose weight.
Intense Lifestyle Change for Diabetes
A healthy diet and plenty of exercise are essential for managing type 2 diabetes. Now it looks like nutrition and exercise can even reverse this serious disease.
Metformin May Halt Childhood Diabetes
The growing obesity problem is not limited to adults. Children are a part of it too. As rates of childhood obesity grow, researchers are looking for ways to prevent childhood diabetes. A long-used drug may be one answer.
Best Surgeries for Diabetes
In study after study, weight loss surgery has reversed diabetes' impact on the body. But there are many kinds of weight loss surgery to choose from. So which ones work best?
Timing Matters in Diabetes
Obesity is the leading cause of diabetes worldwide. And whether you are young or old, being obese can boost your chances of developing diabetes.
Schedule Exercise for Your Diabetes
Exercise plays a key role in any diabetes patient's effort to control blood sugar levels. Still, questions remain about the type, intensity and amount of exercise that is best for people with diabetes.
Cut That Gut?
Opting for a smaller stomach can bring some good. For those with type II diabetes, going under the knife can bring a lot of good, almost to the point of a full cure.
More Corn Syrup, More Diabetes
High fructose corn syrup is in so many of our processed foods. As such, it's hard for some of us to avoid eating this common sweetener.
Is Weight Loss For Every Diabetes Patient?
If you have type 2 diabetes, your weight can have a huge impact on your risk of complications and death. One might think the heavier you are, the higher your risk. However, the scenario may not be as simple as that.