Health News

Are You Fat?
The image of "obesity" often conjures up people who can barely fit through a doorway or who always require two airline seats.
Surgery Tops Drugs for Obesity and Diabetes
Diet and exercise are the best ways to prevent and treat diabetes. However, that approach does not work for everyone. Once again, researchers have found that surgery is a powerful treatment for obese diabetes patients.
Heavier Babies May Face Future Diabetes
From the moment you are born, your weight has an impact on your health. If your baby is overweight, he or she may be in store for health problems in the future.
Surgery May Cut Diabetic Heart Risk
Weight loss surgery has been shown to be an excellent treatment for obese people with diabetes. Since diabetes can raise the risk of heart disease, it is important to know the heart risks of weight loss surgery.
Diabetes Double-Whammy
The hormone insulin plays a key role in diabetes. When the body does not respond to insulin, blood sugar levels can rise, putting a person at risk for type 2 diabetes.
Exercise Still Cuts Diabetes Risk
Study after study has shown that exercise keeps you healthy. Still, the rates of obesity and diabetes continue to grow. Once again, researchers have shown that staying active cuts diabetes risk.
Fast Food Boosts Diabetes and Heart Risk
The plus side of fast food is in the name: it's fast. Grabbing a drive-thru hamburger may be cheap and easy, but too much fast food can be harmful.
Cut Out Sugars to Stop Diabetes
Eating a high-sugar, high-calorie diet can increase your weight and boost your risk of diseases like diabetes. In turn, cutting calories from your diet can protect you from such diseases.
Weight Loss Surgery Reverses Diabetes
Diabetes patients often gain better control of their disease through healthy lifestyle choices. But when diet and exercise aren't enough, weight loss surgery may do the trick, especially for obese patients.
Weighing the Fat
The information we get about dietary nutrition in general and fats especially can often feel overwhelming. With so many details to wade through, it can be hard to understand the components that make up a healthy diet.