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Recovering From Diabetes After Weight Loss Surgery
Some obese people with type 2 diabetes choose weight loss surgery to drop pounds and improve their health. What makes a weight loss surgery patient likely to recover from diabetes?
More Java for Less Type 2 Diabetes
If coffee is part of your morning routine, you may be reducing your risk of type 2 diabetes every day — at least that's according to a recent review of previous trials.
Seniors Weighing Heart Health Options
Keeping the heart and circulatory system healthy is important for everyone, but it is especially important for older adults. The American Heart Association recently released a new scientific statement on seniors and their heart health.
Banding May Reverse Diabetes in Obese
Weight loss surgery has been shown to keep diabetes at bay for those who are obese. One option, called gastric banding, may deliver fast results.
Promising Results for Weight Loss Surgery
For people who are obese, weight loss is a crucial part of reducing the risk of heart problems, arthritis and diabetes. Choosing the right path to weight loss is also important.
Good Heart Health with Type 2 Diabetes
Heart problems are a serious and common issue for patients with type 2 diabetes. Controlling diabetes might reduce their heart risks, but that protection might depend on the specific diabetes treatment.
Two-Med Combo to Prevent Diabetes
For people who show signs of type 2 diabetes, controlling weight may be a key part of keeping their condition from getting worse. A recent study suggests that one combination medication could play a role in preventing diabetes.
For Pre-Diabetes, Being Fit Beats Being Thin
When it comes to improving health in people with pre-diabetes, fitness may matter more than fatness. In fact, a heavy person who is fit may have just as good a chance of survival as a normal weight person who is fit.
Weight Surgery Benefits May Last for Years
For obese diabetes patients, surgery to lose weight has become an increasingly popular way to improve their health. Some have experienced long-term remission and reduced their medication use.
Sleep Apnea Risks Not Only for Adults
People with sleep apnea experience pauses in their breathing or shallow breaths while they sleep. In adults, the condition has been linked to diabetes and heart disease, but that link is less clear in younger people with sleep apnea.