Health News

The Power of Pinpointing
There’s a reason it takes a brain surgeon to treat brain cancer. Both the organ and the disease are exceedingly complex. A new finding may offer new ways to treat this aggressive brain cancer.
Lights On the Cancer Horizon
Is that a glimmer of light on the brain cancer horizon? Could be. Researchers have found new targets that might turn the lights out on one type of brain cancer.
Cancer Viral Therapy Backfires
A novel method of treating aggressive brain tumors uses viruses that kill the cancer cells. While safe, a recent study finds the therapy isn’t as effective as hoped.
It Doesn't Take A Brain Surgeon
Brain surgery of any kind is not only intricately complicated to treat, it’s also expensive. A recent study looked at how insurance status affects the outlook for patients with brain cancer.
Dust Settling Around Cancer Cell Dust
The diagnosis and monitoring of brain cancer is a really delicate and complex business. New technology may soon make this task as easy as taking a blood sample.
Shrinking Brain Tumors and a Whole Lot More
It started out as a drug to combat organ rejection in transplant patients. Everolimus now has many uses, including treating various types of cancer. And the list of its applications is expanding.
Can Moms-To-Be Help Prevent Childhood Cancers?
The lifestyle habits of moms-to-be affect the health of their babies. This fact is coming into laser focus these days. A common vitamin supplement may be helpful in warding off childhood cancers.
Personalizing Childhood Cancer Treatments
It’s the most common form of cancer that develops in infants. Neuroblastoma is most often seen in children under the age of 5. Some 650 American families learn their child has this cancer that affects the nerve cells each year.
Planet-Exploring Tech Lands in the Operating Room
It’s not brain surgery without imaging devices that help surgeons tell the difference between tumor and healthy tissue. These are things the naked eye can’t detect. Even today’s best magnifiers miss these incredibly intricate details.
Cancer Goes To the Movies
If you’re familiar with Debra Winger, you may know she’s died from cancer at least a couple times – in her movies Terms of Endearment and Shadowlands . While cancer can make for heart-wrenching drama, such bleak portrayals of the disease are far from the truth.