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Radiation Type Treats Kids Gently
Radiation treatment is used to treat all different types of cancer. And there are different types of radiation that are given in various ways. Recently, researchers found a type of radiation that may be particularly helpful for young patients.
Saving Memories During Cancer Therapy
When cancer spreads to the brain, radiation therapy is the treatment of choice. The whole brain is treated with radiation. And while this treatment prolongs life, mental function is affected. A new study looked at a technique that may save memories.
Debate Over Brain Cancer Rx Continues
Avastin (bevacizumab) is approved to treat a number of different cancers, including the most common form of brain cancer. A newly released study looked at how long people with the disease lived before and after this medication's approval.
Rx Doesn’t Help Brain Cancer
Avastin (bevacizumab) treats a number of different cancers, including advanced brain cancer. A recent study looked to see if this medication was effective as an initial therapy.
Mapping the Brain for Cancer Surgery
Surgery to remove brain tumors is a delicate business. In addition to removing the cancer, surgeons must be careful not to damage healthy tissue linked to function. A brain mapping technology may help ease this difficulty.
Learning How to Protect Thinking
The brain is unlike any other organ in the body. Every area of the brain affects a major part of human life. Researchers are finding ways to protect cognitive function during brain cancer surgery.
Thyroid Function and Cancer Survival
How cancer starts and grows is really a maze of biological wonder. So many things are involved. Now, researchers believe that the thyroid plays a role in the outlook of brain cancer patients.
“Rhoda” Has Terminal Brain Cancer
If you know “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” you know who Valerie Harper is. After being Mary’s sidekick, Harper's star continued to rise with her own spin-off, “Rhoda.”
Doubling the Lifespan of Brain Cancer Patients
The treatment of cancer is constantly evolving. Standards of care are being replaced by new approaches. One such change has dramatically expanded the outlook for people with one type of brain cancer.
Forecasting Brain Tumor Growth Like Hurricanes
You’ve seen the forecast models for the possible routes of hurricanes. Computers and humans work together to try and predict where a storm will land and how bad it will be. This same approach is being used to track brain tumors.