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Drink Up. Coffee may Lower Your Cancer Risk
We've had more good news than bad coming out about coffee these days. Its health benefits are being touted in a number of arenas, and that list has just expanded. Drinking more cups of caffeinated may lower your risk of the most common type of skin cancer - basal cell carcinoma. That's the news coming out of Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health. Drink coffee freely - it may help Associate Professor, Jiali Han, PhD, said that these "results add basal cell carcinoma to a list of conditions for which risk is decreased with inc...
More Cancers Associated with HPV?
Human papillomavirus (HPV) is probably most notorious for causing cervical cancer. The list of cancers associated with HPV has grown recently, and a new study may add two more cancer types to the list.
The Other 97 Percent of Skin Cancers
When you mention skin cancer, most people think of melanoma. But surprisingly, 97 percent of skin cancers look completely different than melanoma. As you may have already guessed, they are a lot more common.
Patchwork-Kill for Skin Cancer
Not all cancer treatments have to be a major life event. For one type of skin cancer, researchers just slapped a fancy band-aid on it.
Emotional Stress Linked to Cancer Recurrence
Emotional stress and turmoil take a physical toll on our bodies as well. Stress and abuse have been linked to migraines, auto-immune syndromes, heart problems and now skin cancer.
The Other Skin Cancer
Basal cell skin cancer is a lot more common than melanoma. Since the risk of this cancer spreading is lower, it doesn't get quite the same amount of attention.
Advanced Melanoma Drug To Seek FDA Approval
For the last fifty years, very few treatments have been available for advanced cases of melanoma, but several new drugs in the final stages of development are in competition for the title of best treatment.
One-Two Melanoma Knockout Punch
Since basic research is made public, companies try to edge out the competition in other ways, trying combination therapies and slightly varying molecular structures for cancer drugs targeting the same mutations. 
Aspirin may Fight Skin Cancer
Over the past few years a lot of molecular research has speculated on the possible effects that drugs that directly combat inflammation, such as aspirin, Tylenol, and Advil, may have on cancer development.
Fat Mice, Liposuction, and Cancer
We tend to think of fat as surplus, storage for calories that we carry around until needed. As it turns out, some fat is quite productive, pumping out hormones or storing chemicals and vitamins.