Health News

Anti-Seizure Drugs Slow Deadly Eye Cancer
There's a huge push to find new and different uses for existing drugs. New research shows that a class of drugs used to treat seizures may be therapeutic in a deadly type of melanoma that affects the eyes.
Viagra's Role in Battling Melanoma
Viagra has been a hit in the bedroom, but it may be just as big of a hit outside of it too. New studies have shown Viagra may help suppress melanoma.
IBD Can Inflame Skin Cancer Risks
Sometimes drugs that effectively treat one condition unintentionally increase the risks of another. It has recently been discovered that this is the case for some drugs that treat inflammatory bowel disease.
Lasering Pre-Cancerous Skin Lesions
If you've been a sun worshipper, visiting your dermatologist to have regular skin cancer screenings should be part of your preventative health maintenance. A new procedure has been shown to be effective in treating suspicious spots before they become cancerous.
Tiny Medicine Delivering Big Results Against Melanoma
As things get smaller, like cell phones, it seems to be they just keep getting more powerful. The same can be said of medicine as super-small particles are delivering powerful tools to battle melanoma.
Detecting Melanoma Sooner
Detecting melanoma is still something of an art. While imaging technology exists, dermatologists most often rely on visual cues to assess if a mole or lesion appears to be cancerous. A new device is about to change that.
Mini Surgery for Melanoma
Surgery for any treatment can leave one nasty scar. For melanoma, this scar could soon turn into a minor blemish.
Skin Cancer Protection That's Not Sunscreen
Having too much fun in the sun may lead to unexpected consequences, such as skin cancer. Along with sunscreen and limiting exposure, scientists may have found another tool to help prevent skin cancer.
Coffee and Skin Cancer?
If you're not satisfied with one measly cup of java, but prefer four or more, you may be doing your skin a huge favor. Yes, you could be protecting yourself from one of the most common forms of cancer.
Hairdressers May be Your Cancer BFF
You may remember the slogan, "Only your hairdresser knows for sure." In a slight twist on that concept, it may be that your stylist not only knows your true color, but is also your best first line of defense against skin cancer.