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Targeting Melanoma With Chemical Snipers
Treating melanoma, the worst form of skin cancer, requires a creative approach. That’s because these tumors tend to ignore conventional treatment. Combining therapies may be the answer.
Eczema, Sun & Skin Cancer
Think putting on sunscreen takes too much time and effort? Think again—it could save your skin from serious trouble later in life.
Beating Cancer by Braving Drugs
When it’s the body against cancer, the body has to win at all costs. Getting the better of melanoma may require the immune system taking one for the team.
Containing Cancer is Complicated
Why does cancer (so often) return after it's thought to have been killed and is no longer evident in the body? Scientists think they might know about why this happens - Cancer Stem Cells.
Climate, Crops and Skin Cancer
Our planet is experiencing plenty of climate change these days - as it has been changing for a few billion years - with temperature records smashed and another drought affecting most of the U.S. What's this have to do with our health?
Indoor Tanning: Cancerous and Deadly
Want to know what you can do to avoid cancer? Here's an easy one. Don't use tanning beds and don't allow your children to either. Ever. Spread the word.
Investigational Agent Outperforms Chemotherapy
About half of all advanced melanomas have a defect in the BRAF gene. A new strategy may extend the survival time of people living with this most serious form of skin cancer.
For Olympians, Tough Skin is Necessary
Olympic athletes train to be the most mentally and physically tough competitors in their event. But for many, an unexpected condition can threaten a hard earned chance at success.
What's Burning in a Sunburn?
If you're light-skinned, you probably know what a sunburn is - you turn red, it's tender to the touch or flat out painful. It's a drag. So what causes all this? Scientists may now know.
Why Cancer 'Takes a Lickin' and Keeps on Tickin'
So how does cancer outsmart drugs to keep on growing? Researchers are finding some answers in most unlikely places.