Health News

Black Henna Tattoo or Red Rash?
Weddings, vacations, birthday parties – they're all fun events where you may have the opportunity to get a temporary tattoo created with henna. But you could get more than you bargained for.
Shingles Stay Quiet with RA Medicine
Returning outbreaks of shingles are more common in people with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Until now, researchers were not sure how medicines for RA would affect the chance that the painful rash would return.
When a Rash Isn’t Just a Rash
Every body develops a rash from time to time. But odd changes to the skin can also be a symptom of more serious health issues going on inside the body.
When Nail Polish Doesn't Work
A regular manicure and pedicure probably won't be enough to relieve the pain and yellowing nails found in people with nail psoriasis. Regular psoriasis treatments may be the way to go.
Strong Acne Meds Okay for Gastro Tract
When birth control pills can't clear up acne in women, a stronger medicine is the next step. But doctors and patients have been concerned about a few of these medicines and their possible links to inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD).
No Safety Surprises from Humira
Humira (adalimumab) is a medication used to treat a variety of diseases. As the medication is being prescribed to more and more patients, researchers wanted to see if there were any side effects they didn't know about before.
Stronger is Better to Kill Lice
When it comes to lice medicine, applying more doesn't mean it will work better. But stronger doses of a particular lice-killing lotion may reap benefits over weaker dosages.
Oral Sores Linked with Skin Problem
Inflamed and scaly skin is one thing psoriasis patients may have to deal with on the outside. But patients with this skin disorder may also have to care for certain issues on the inside.
New Rx Fares Well for Skin Infections
A variety of skin infections caused by bacteria are becoming harder to treat. The difficulty occurs when the infection can resist the antibiotic that is supposed to treat it.
Apple a Day Doesn't Always Keep Doctor Away
Cancer is a major health issue. So is heart disease. Although they are serious problems, these issues aren't the main reasons leading patients to the doctor's office.