Health News

Deodorant or Deodor-not?
It's time to pull out the deodorant when body odor creeps up. But some may have a gene that doesn't cause them to produce any smells. Most will still take precautions to protect the nose.
Is Fast Food Flaring Kids' Allergies?
It’s no surprise to find out that healthy kids eat healthy food. But what about kids who eat fast food several times per week? Can the body be allergic to junk food?
Keep That Skin Clean
Yes, there are creams and medicines patients can take after their skin turns red and maybe starts oozing. Why not stop it before it starts? Eczema patients can nip the problem in the bud before it gets worse.
Vitiligo? Lower Risk of Skin Cancer!
The common skin condition where splotches of lighter skin spread unpredictably over the body may be frustrating. But on the bright side, it lowers the risk of skin cancer threefold.
Close-"Nit" Combs Get It Done
When killing lice isn't an option, consumers just want the best way to comb them out. Metal combs with close-knit teeth are the best option, a new study has found.
Itch Stops Here
It can be hard to kill the tiny bloodsuckers invading kids' hair. And with the chemicals involved, safety of the lice treatment can come into question. But a new study has found that on-the-hair treatments with ivermectin can be used safely and it works well.
Bigger Kids' Waistline Tied to Skin Problem
Across the globe, kids with chronic itchy skin problems may have to deal with their pant sizes as well. New research shows the growing link between the red, flaky patches in psoriasis and bigger waistlines among children.
Oral Lice Medicine Works as Lotion
Head lice can be an icky problem for families to deal with. Plus, lice and their eggs are becoming more resistant to typical treatments.
Kids Itchy Now, Asthmatic Later?
Dry, itchy skin and rashes in toddlers over the long-term could be a sign of future breathing problems.
A Welcome Skin Rash
For most people, getting a rash would not be good news. For elderly patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer, however, a rash may indicate a likelihood of living longer.