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Hot Pink Tumors
Glioblastoma - the most aggressive form of brain cancer - doesn't appear as a distinct mass. The tumors are made up of the brain tissue itself. New technology is helping surgeons literally see the difference between diseased and healthy tissue.
Over-the-Counter Supplement for Brain Cancer?
Bodybuilders take L-arginine because the amino acid helps to build muscles. This over-the-counter supplement also helps to treat the deadliest form of brain cancer, glioblastoma .
Targeting Aggressive Brain Tumors
One of the most aggressive kinds of brain cancer is also one of the most common. Researchers may have found a way to battle Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM).
New Precision Tool for Brain Surgeons
In the field of medicine, there's nothing quite as difficult as removing brain tumors. Neurosurgeons have to be exquisitely accurate in their efforts. A new tool being testing could improve both surgical precision and patient survival.
Cancer Drug Fights Better Than Mike Tyson
Anything that works better than advertised is a pleasant surprise. For scientists, a brain cancer treatment is battling cancer better than expected.
Cholesterol-lowering Drugs May Treat Brain Cancer
One of the most exciting frontiers in oncology is discovering molecular behavior that responds to existing drug therapies. Just such a discovery has been made regarding a deadly form of brain cancer.
Former Vice President Daughter Dies of Brain Cancer
She grew up in the spotlight, the daughter of a U.S. Senator and later the Vice President of the United States, Walter Mondale . It seemed natural that Eleanor Mondale would seek her own spotlight in broadcasting.
Crohn's Disease Medication Helps With Brain Cancer
Ted Kennedy's first symptom of brain cancer was the seizure he had in 2008. Seizures are commonly the first sign that's something's wrong among patients who have gliomas.
New Brain Cancer Therapies on the Horizon
Scientists are focusing in on the genetic beginnings, course and survival of a deadly form of brain cancer. And these discoveries offer new hope for patients.
New Weapon Against Brain Cancer
There's a new light glimmering at the end of the dark tunnel that is brain cancer. A novel gene therapy, combined with radiation, holds promise in treating one of the worst of these cancers.