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Kids With Brain Cancer may Have New Options
Vaccination therapy to treat cancer is similar to the concept of using vaccines to prevent illness. But it can be tricky, because the threat is already present, and too strong of a reaction can cause a few problems.
Dental X-rays Increase Brain Cancer Risks
X-rays are a common part of ongoing dental care. You've probably had more than one of them. And while helpful for visualizing the structure of your teeth, dental x-rays can be dangerous, according to new research.
Scanning for Brain Cancer
Cancer cells are, by definition, malfunctioning. If researchers know what to look for, the cancer can be detected by the abnormal metabolic products the malfunctioning cells contain.
Cloud Computing Powers Brain Cancer Research
In a gift to the pediatric brain cancer community, Dell Inc. has launched an initiative that will connect doctors and non-profit organizations involved in pediatric neuro-oncology to ultimately accelerate research and treatment development.
Destroying Brain Cancer with a Virus
For a patient with recurring glioma (a type of brain cancer) who has already had surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy, few options remain. That may be about to change thanks to a virus.
Cancer Supply Side Economics
Cancer tumors survive and grow in part because of a network of blood vessels they build. This is called angiogenesis . Scientists can't fully explain the process, but are beginning to understand its origins. Previously, a series of experimental results published from New York and Italy showed evidence that the blood vessel growth in the brain cancer glioblastoma was cancer-based growth, rather than normal blood vessels growing to feed tumors. Angiogenesis inhibitors such as Avastin ( bevacizumab ) would only be effective against normal blood vessels, and researchers believed that t...
Age Makes the Difference
By the time neuroblastoma  - a common childhood brain cancer - is discovered, it has usually already spread. The younger the child is at the time the disease is found, the better. Scientists are beginning to understand why.
Charting Brain Cancer Dangers
The lowered cost of genetic analysis, increasing use of online databases sharing research, and more powerful computing techniques have resulted in the ability to find complex genetic patterns unimaginable only a decade ago.
Mighty Mouse
Adding to their long and distinguished history, lab mice are now helping in the fight against cancer - specifically, aggressive forms of brain cancer in children.
Untreatable Brain Cancer in Children Explained
Brain cancer is never a phrase you want to hear, particularly relating to children. Glioblastomas are extremely aggressive, and scientists have had trouble understanding why chemotherapy and radiation seem powerless against it, especially in children.