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A Trojan Horse for Brain Cancer
Blood flow is critical for cancer growth, especially in the brain, where cells are unable to survive without high levels of oxygen. Several drugs known as vascular endothelial growth factor ( VEGF ) inhibitors target this vulnerability.
Bread and Brain Cancer
One of the most important parts of medical science in pregnancy has been showing the effects of the maternal environment on the developing child. 
Tiny Drugs, Bursts of Light
Cancers are greedy little cells, consuming more than their fair share of everything available. A treatment recently developed takes advantage of that, and then uses special, focused light to destroy tumors.
Genetics Are Half the Cancer Story
Genetics gets a lot of press, but sometimes the old fashioned biopsy is the only way to get the information you need.
Open Trial for Brain Cancer Treatment
Glioblastoma is a very aggressive grade of brain cancer, and attempts at treatments so far have met with limited success. But as researchers proved, sometimes you have to cheat to win.
Math, the Ultimate Cancer Fighter
We live in an increasingly data driven era, where the judgment of your doctor comes from thousands of patients with similar symptoms.
Glioblastoma Protein Affected by Diuretics
Hundreds of proteins on the outside surface of cells interact with the world, moving things in, moving things out, acting as relay stations for signals to grow, move, divide and die.
An Electric Brain Cancer Cure
A new clinical trial has opened up for brain cancer patients with the most advanced and aggressive classification of tumor, glioblastoma multiforme . Effective therapies for brain cancer have been difficult due to the delicate nature of the brain, and the sheer aggression of glioblastoma multiforme only adds to the challenge. Ask your oncologist about tumor treating electrical fields. The tumor treating field system by the corporation Novocure is in the final stages of the clinical trial series over the last decade, having tested their technology in several clinical trials suc...
Testing for Brain Cancer
There's nothing simple about brain surgery, and even a minor biopsy carries substantial risks. To get around these dangers, using a spinal tap to analyze cerebrospinal fluid may soon be a viable method of diagnosing brain cancers. A study published recently showed that analysis of microRNA levels in cerebrospinal fluid proved to be a quick, effective tool for diagnosing brain cancers. Researchers found that this tool could also monitor the effectiveness of cancer treatment. Ask your oncologist about microRNA analysis. A joint venture between Brigham and Women's Hospital and ...
Brain Cancer's Vaccine Treatment
Early results for a brain cancer treatment show that using an individualized cancer vaccine is safer than many treatment options. And possibly more effective than surgery.