Health News

Approved: First Biosimilar Rx for Cancer
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the United States' first biosimilar drug to treat cancer.
How Weight May Affect Brain Tumors
In the hunt for potential risk factors for two types of brain tumors, obesity may be a suspect.
Birth Control Tied to Slight Health Risk
Hormonal birth control methods are a routine part of many women's lives. And new evidence has tied them to a surprising condition.
Doctors Debunk Five Myths About Brain Metastases
New medical research continually contributes to how physicians treat their patients. As new information becomes available, older practices can become obsolete.
Chemo Plus Radiation Boosted Survival in Brain Cancer Patients
Brain cancer can be treated in a number of ways that include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Combining treatments may hold even more benefit to patients.
Adding Years to the Lives of Glioma Patients
A glioma is a slow-growing brain tumor. The majority of people treated for this cancer live for many years after diagnosis, and their life expectancy may have just gotten better.
Living Longer With Aggressive Brain Cancer
Senator Edward Kennedy had a seizure in May of 2008, was diagnosed with brain cancer soon thereafter and died 15 months later. That’s the typical timeline for people diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme.
Vaccine Extended Brain Cancer Survival
The most aggressive form of brain cancer is glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). A medication currently being studied has helped GBM patients live dramatically longer.
Radiation Type Treats Kids Gently
Radiation treatment is used to treat all different types of cancer. And there are different types of radiation that are given in various ways. Recently, researchers found a type of radiation that may be particularly helpful for young patients.
Saving Memories During Cancer Therapy
When cancer spreads to the brain, radiation therapy is the treatment of choice. The whole brain is treated with radiation. And while this treatment prolongs life, mental function is affected. A new study looked at a technique that may save memories.